New album "Dreamcatcher" out now!

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New music video "Wildfire" out now!

New music video "Fata Morgana" out now!

New album "Dreamcatcher" out on February 6th 2020

New Single "Fata Morgana" out on 12.12.2019

Physical Copies - Out Now!

New EP "Occult Theories" out now!

New single and music video "Prophecy" out now!

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April 29
Stadtwerkstatt Linz


Line Up:
Their Dogs Were Astronauts (AT)
A Somerset Parade (AUS)
15GB (AT)
False King (AT)

Seashell - Acoustic Version

Dead End - Acoustic Version

Stranger Dogs - A Stranger Things main theme metal version!

Watch some impressions from our trip to Euroblast Festival 2017 in Cologne, Germany

Our song "Goldfield" live at the Euroblast Festival 2017 in Cologne, Germany

New album "Neon Theatre" out now!