Virtual Live Experience - 20/03/2021 (9pm CET)



In this current situation with lockdowns and concerts being pretty much gone we miss playing live a lot. 


BUT, a few weeks ago we filmed a full live show exactly the way we'd perform our music in a venue. Thanks to the internet, this show can be experienced from all over the world.


In over one hour of music we play as many songs as we can in a setlist combining new and old songs, and we also incorporated some song-requests by you guys.

This won't be a live-stream but a pre-recorded YouTube-Show which will also be available after the premiere and is, of course, free of charge. (although you can support us through Merch, music, donations, ...). 


Join us for the premiere on YouTube (20.3.2021 9pm CET) and hang out with us in the chat section during the show!

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"Dreamcatcher" - Full Guitar & Synth Transcription - out on January 31st!

New EP "Charge Discharge" in cooperation with Ian Urbina of the New York Times out now!

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New single "Torero" out now!
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New album "Dreamcatcher" out now!

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New music video "Wildfire" out now!

New music video "Fata Morgana" out now!

New album "Dreamcatcher" out on February 6th 2020

New Single "Fata Morgana" out on 12.12.2019

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New EP "Occult Theories" out now!

New single and music video "Prophecy" out now!

Contortionist music video out now!


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April 29
Stadtwerkstatt Linz


Line Up:
Their Dogs Were Astronauts (AT)
A Somerset Parade (AUS)
15GB (AT)
False King (AT)

Seashell - Acoustic Version

Dead End - Acoustic Version

Stranger Dogs - A Stranger Things main theme metal version!

Watch some impressions from our trip to Euroblast Festival 2017 in Cologne, Germany

Our song "Goldfield" live at the Euroblast Festival 2017 in Cologne, Germany

New album "Neon Theatre" out now!