Their Dogs Were Astronauts is an instrumental progressive Metal and Djent band project from 
Austria which was founded in 2014.

The music of the two brothers Denis and Leonard Roth, who both studied music, focuses on riff 
heavy instrumental music seasoned with catchy melodies. With the use of 7- and 8-string guitars 
they explore all the musical 
possibilities that these extended range instruments offer. 
The project is musically influenced by many different styles and genres
 ranging from jazz to fusion 
to some really well known bands in the scene such as "Animals As Leaders", "TesseracT", 
"Periphery" and many more.

With their 5th LP on the way, the two brothers released 4 full length albums called "In 
Touch” (2014), “Earthkeeper" (2015), “Mystery:Diary” (2016) and „Neon Theatre“ (2017)
which were received very well by the progressive metal community and some major promotion sites on the internet (It Djents, Got Djent, Core Community, ...) 
They also released 3 EPs (“Chapajuby”, “To Separate Us From The Clouds” and “A Constant 
Stream Of Color”) which could easily hold up with the success of the albums.

The live concept of the two-piece is quite new in the metal scene since they don’t perform as a whole 
band. Their Dogs Were Astronauts try to bring their full studio sound to the stage offering the 
audience a whole new concert experience.
The project has always been mainly focused on the guitar work and songwriting of the two brothers 
and so they also try to get this philosophy through to their audience during their performance. 
While using backing tracks is common practice in other genres, it’s still quite unusual in the metal scene.


2014 - In Touch (Album)

2014 - Chapajuby (EP)

2015 - Earthkeeper (Album)

2015 - To Separate Us From The Clouds (EP)

2016 - Mystery:Diary (Album)

2016 - A Constant Stream Of Color (EP)

2017 - Neon Theatre (Album)